Lao Ce ismeretlen tanításai ” With all this this talking, what has been said? The subtle truth can be pointed at with words

But it cannot be contained by them   Take tim to listen to what is said without words to obey the law too subtle to be written, to worship the unameable

and to embrace the unformed love your life

trust the Tao make love with the invisible subtle origin of the universe and you will give yourself everthing you need You will not have to hide away forever in

spiritual retreats. You can be a gentle, contemplative hermit right here in the middle of everything, utterly unaffected, thoroughly sustained and rewarded by your integral practices Encouraging others, giving freely to all, awakening and purifying the world with each movement and action, you will ascend to the divine realm in broad daylight the breath of the TAO speaks and to those who are in harmony with it, hear quite clearly”
Hu Hua Ching: Lao Ce ismeretlen tanításai