A kranio, mint arcszépészeti, arc fiatalító eljárás műtét nélkül

Arcszépítő-fiatalító eljárásnak titulálják a Kranioszakrális terápiát, sőt egyes rendelőkben más arcterápiás módszerekkel egyedüli eljárásként hirdetik! Ami persze igaz, hiszen már külföldön modellek is használják a szépészeti beavatkozások helyett. Tehát, ha szép, kisimult, stresszmentes arcot, dekoltázst (és persze egész testet) szeretnél , akkor ne habozz és gyere kraniózni! 🙂


Ged Sumner és Steve Haines könyve: “A test Intelligencia”/Body Intelligence és “Cranio Intelligencia”/Cranial Intelligence

“All healing occurs in relationship. Cranial Intelligence describes a state of knowing presence through embodied touch that orients our body to its deepest forces of health. This touch brings about a natural movement towards whole body relationship and a reorganization back to optimal alignment. There are subtle rhythmic movements in the body, underlying structure and physiology, that can be felt by a trained therapist.  The therapist can interact with these rhythms and promote the resolution of overwhelming experiences. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an extraordinary paradigm for safely meeting our deepest, earliest and most painful stories and supporting lasting change.

Cranial Intelligence provides a practical approach to therapeutic work based on the authors clinical experience and teaching of the work all over the world. The book demystifies the model and attempts to articulate in clear simple language the essence of what actually works in clinical practice. The book includes meditation exercises, treatment guidelines and clinical highlight features. Unique in the biodynamic field are chapters on joints, organs and practice development.”


Body Intelligence offers a new understanding of how the body works and leads the reader to a greater sense of wellbeing and an enriched sense of self.

The anatomy of the body is explored without the complexity of medical terminology. Instead, common descriptions are used along with a multitude of images, allowing the reader to visualize and work with different levels of the body. Experiential exercises, guided meditations and movements are provided throughout the book, helping the reader to develop improved levels of health and body intelligence that are natural and accessible all the time. As body intelligence increases through these exercises, physical changes occur and a new posture emerges, followed by positive mental and emotional shifts. The reader will begin to feel differently, move differently and think differently.

This book will benefit everyone. People experiencing depression, fatigue, emotional issues, stress and anxiety and in fact any condition associated with living in a human body have the potential to be relieved of their symptoms with practice using this book as guidance.


Preface. Introduction: Know Your Body. Bones. Spine. Breathing. Joints. Walking. Blood. Brain. Nerves. Emotions. Eating. About the Author. Index.


‘Ged gives us the tools to establish an ongoing conscious communication with our body’s innate wisdom; our body then expands on that information, the potential body awareness is unlimited and yet exceptionally simple. As a Remedial Massage Therapist I found this book very exciting, benefiting from a number of ‘aha’ moments regarding problematic clients. I also used a number of the meditations in conjunction with client sessions, achieving a deeper understanding for the client about their body and themselves. I learnt a lot from this book and would strongly recommend it to Massage Therapists as an enhancement to their practice and also to Massage Students as a companion to traditional Anatomy and Physiology teaching.’

– Massage New Zealand

Author information

Ged Sumner is a practicing craniosacral therapist, craniosacral therapy trainer and chi kung teacher. He has also studied shiatsu, healing and attachment based psychoanalytical psychotherapy, and has a degree in Chemistry. He is the director of Body Intelligence Training, which offers biodynamic craniosacral therapy practitioner courses in Europe, North America and Australasia (www.bodyintelligence.com).

Üdvözöllek és miért kezeljük a gyermekeinket kranioval?

Üdvözlök mindenkit, aki olvassa a blogomat!

Megpróbálok a tapasztalataimról, eredményeimről írni, mert fontos számomra a megosztás 🙂

Már régebb óta tervezem nővéremmel, aki védőnő, hogy létrehozunk egy olyan szolgálatot, ahol gyermekekkel tudunk foglalkozni és segíteni a fejlődésükben. Ehhez megfelelő módszert ad a kranio, hiszen már a pocaklakók is élvezhetik azt a harmóniát, nyugalmat, amit a kezelés ad. És hogy hogyan tovább? Ehhez szeretnék pár videoval szolgálni, amin keresztül láthatunk egy-egy kezelést (egyenlőre csak külföldi forrásból), és szeretnék írni a saját tapasztalatokról is persze.



Ezen a filmen keresztül megfigyelhetjük hogyan hat az újszülöttekre a craniosacralis kezelés.

Persze nem mindig sír ennyit a baba-tapasztaltam már 🙂 Ha pl. az anyuka vagy apuka kezeli a gyermeket (könnyen megtanulható fogások), akkor sokkal nyugodtabbá válik a kettejük viszonya, és természetesen a finom érintést is jobban szeretik a szülőktől, hiszen azt már ismerik.

Ezért szoktam megmutatni a szülőknek bizonyos fogásokat, ha elhatározzák, hogy megtanulják a másfajta odafigyelést, kicsit kívülállóként kezelni a gyermeküket.


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I would like to share my experiences and feelings about my work, life…

First my work:

In the Craniosacral Therapy :



Created on October 13, 2010 using FlipShare. This is a session filmed during a Dynamic Body Balancing workshop. This is demonstration of a 10-day old baby who was delivered at home in the footling breech position. No complications occurred during or after the sudden delivery into a birthing pool. The mother and Dr. Carol work together to help balance her body and cranium for optimal function of her craniosacral system. The baby releases the energy trapped into the right side of her head and neck that occurred as her head was stuck under the liver and her mom thought she was pushing down on her butt during the last trimester.

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Ich möchte durch meine Erfahrungen mitteilen was Euch vielleicht auch Wichting sind…Mein Arbeit, mein Leben…

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Wie wichtig ist Craniosacral Therapie für unsere Kindern:



Wie funktioniert unsere Craniosacral Method für Babies…

Die Eltern können diese Therapie lernen, so helfen die Kindern beim wachsen und beim speziellen Krankheiten.

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